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Module 4 driver cpc practical demonstration test this takes 30 minutes you will need to show you can keep your vehicle safe and secure, eg loading your. A pass letter is valid for two years and the driver must complete and pass the driver cpc module 4 practical demonstration test within the 2 years. This is just a brief overview about mods 2 and 4 for lorry drivers. Complete information on driver cpc module 4 the driver cpc training is meant for the lgv drivers of uk who drives their vehicles professionally and commercially. This site offers details of how to optain certification as a driver cpc and or transport manageer cpc where this stands for the irish. The driver cpc initial qualification consists of two parts. About the driver cpc case studies test part 2 if you don. Module 4 cpc test and training hgv lgv driver training. It is designed as per the directives of eu 200359 and is meant for testing the overall improvement of the driving knowledge and professional skills of those drivers who drive vehicles. This video has been updated to reflect the new module 4 driver cpc examination.

Jaupt is a notforprofit company that was established in 2007 to enable the competent authorities dvsa in great britain and the dva in northern ireland to manage the application process and quality assurance programme of centres and courses for the periodic training element of the vehicle drivers certificates of professional competence regulations 2007. Lgv mod 4 tockwith training hgv lgv driver training. A little about the lgv driver cpc part 2 case studies test. The dcpc is required in addition to a vocational driving licence. If you are a new driver taking a test in either category c1 or c or d1 or d after the 10th september 2009 you will need to pass 4 modules in order to drive a vehicle commercially. At driver hire training, we believe that driver cpc can and should be a genuinely worthwhile investment for your business. Cpc training modules driving courses uk driver hire. Description driver cpc is the qualification that all hgv, bus and coach drivers need if they wish to drive professionally for a living. Training for initial driver cpc, module 4 focus driver. Buy the complete driver cpc training course for lgv. Driver cpc case studies test part 2 driving test success.

Drivers cpc for professional lgv and pcv drivers periodic training requirement bus. Driver cpc module 4 practical safety demonstration test gov. Driver cpc should not be confused with operators cpc which is required for transport managers and is a different qualification. If your driver cpc expires before 30 september 2020. Conducted at the theory test centre, the module 2 test generally takes about 30 minutes, although you have 90 minutes available in which to complete the test. We will answer that question in more detail as we progress through this guide, but for now it is enough to know that driver cpc is a set of standards applied to initial driver training and careerlong. Ability to load the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use. You have to do the training in the country where you work or normally live. All of our courses are engaging, interactive and delivered by trained professionals. The lgv module 2 test can be taken before the lgv multiple choice test and hazard perception test. Introduction this chapter sets out the background and basic requirements of the driver cpc. Section 1 ability to load the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use. Driver cpc was introduced across the eu from 10th september 2008 for professional bus drivers and 10th september 2009 for professional truck drivers.

By the end of the 5 years, and every 5 thereafter you will then be subject to periodic driver cpc training. The syllabus and subject areas remain the same however some of the questions have changed slightly. If you passed your car test after 1st january 1997 then you will not have acquired grandfather rights and so if you drive a vehicle over 3. Driver cpc initial qualification consists of two parts, module 2 and module 4. Guidance for driving examiners on the driver cpc module 4 practical safety demonstration test. We have now delivered more than 175,000 driver training days throughout the uk, earning exceptional driver satisfaction ratings. The module 4 test is required by drivers who have not held a truck driving licence before 992009 or bus driving licence before 992008. Does anyone know a website with all the questionsanswers that you could be.

You can book the cpc module 4 practical test driver cpc part 4 only once you have passed the lgv module 2. Your dqc will arrive by post to your home address with 1014 days. M commercial services ltd has been approved as a driver cpc centre and is able to deliver driver cpc courses as per the eu directive 200359. This app contains all the preparation materials needed to pass the module 2 driver cpc case study test. Driver cpc training galway city 091524689 advance drive. These 7 hour modules were checked and fully approved by jaupt joint approval unit for periodic training and have been used by us and another commercial training provider for the last 3 years. This came into force in all european union member states on sept 10th 2008 for bus and coach drivers.

If you have already got a category d1 or d on your driving licence that allows you to drive for hire or reward then you will already have this qualification under grandfathers rights, however you will still need to do your periodic training if you have not yet passed your test for categories d1 or d then you will need to pass the 4 modules below to. Module 4 driver cpc test professional driver training. Module 4 practical test drivers cpc 2 start training. Module 4 driver cpc certificate of professional competence practical. Driver cpc vehicle safety demonstration test part 4. Module 2 case studies driver cpc module 2 and 4 for lgv and pcv. The driver cpc module 4 practical safety demonstration test. Driver cpc courses in dublin, cork, limerick and galway ireland.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Initial driver cpc qualification diamond driver training. Preventing criminality and trafficking of illegal immigrants. If your cpc expires between 1 march 2020 and 30 september 2020, and. Loading the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use. On completion of course, candidates will be fully aware of their duties and responsibilities with regard to digital tachographs, as you cover tachograph settings. To work as a professional goods vehicle driver you need a driver qualification card.

The driver cpc module 4 is the demonstration test or practical part of the driver cpc initial qualification. Not holding or carrying the card when at work will result in a fine. We have in, in other blog posts, looked at the possible questions and answers students may expect to be asked by the. In order to drive for hire and reward new drivers must pass this practical demonstration test. What is the driver cpc part 4 vehicle safety demonstration test. Hello, if you go to the same document, on pages 178186 chapter 10, it is called the driver cpc module 4 practical safety demonstration test, it might help pupils slightly, but as you said rog, i have asked the dsa if they can tell us what questions will be asked, but there are no set questions, but say all the relevant information is in the driver cpc the official dsa guide for professional. Cpc training cpc initial driver training and testing. Lgv driver cpc module 2 theory test driving theory 4 all. Have read through the sticky on here about passing the module 4.

The qualification can be done at any point, as long as modules 2 and 4 are completed in order. Driver cpc module 4 is the practical test of the initial driver cpc qualification. If you attained your driver cpc card though grandfathers rights by just doing 35 hours of periodic training and not the initial qualification module 2 and 4 tests then. Pcv drivers from 10th september 2008 all commercial pcv drivers will need to complete 35 hours of training before 9th september 20. You must obtain a driver qualification card dqc to work as a professional driver. Case study theory test module 2 practical demonstration test module 4. Part of the driver cpc initial qualification requires candidates to pass the practical associated knowledge exam, otherwise known as driver cpc module 4 for new entrants passing module 4 means finally being qualified to drive an hgv professionally. Is there anything i can revise for tonight as for some reason im more nervous about this test than any of the others. Passing the module 4 examination confirms you have the required knowledge and skills to carry out the duties of a professional lgv or pcv driver.

Download driver cpc case study test uk and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad and ipod touch. You will be awarded a driver cpc qualification card dcpcqc which is valid for 5 years. Revised from the cpc book or online revision, test at dsa theory test centre. The driver cpc is for lgv and pcv drivers who drive professionally. All that you wanted to know about driver cpc module 2. Practical test assessing the candidates knowledge and ability in the following areas. Module 4 is the practical demonstration knowledge exam.

The driver cpc certification is now a standard part of professional driving when that driving involves operating a lorry, bus, or coach. According to the directives of european union, each and every professional driver of minibuses, coaches and buses and all other vehicles that carry passengers along with the lgv vehicles that weigh more than 3. Driver cpc module 4 practical safety demonstration. Now you can prepare for your test anytime, anywhere with the only app available for module 2 containing the largest database of professionally written cpc questions available for lgv and pcv drivers. Introduction to driver cpc the driver cpc scheme was launched in september 2008 for psv drivers and then september 2009 for drivers of vehicles 3. This post looks at the possible questions you may be given for your minibus or coach driver cpc module 4 examination. Module 2 driver cpc training case studies test computerbased exercise with 7 studies based on reallife situations eg driving in icy conditions module 4 driver cpc practical demonstration test this takes 30 minutes you will need to show you can keep your vehicle safe and secure, eg loading your vehicle safely the initial cpc is a practical, show me. Once you have passed the module 4 exam and assuming you have passed module 1,2 and 3 you can drive an hgv professionally on the public highway. This info has been created to help you prepare adequately for your driver cpc module 4. It is a computerbased exercise with questions covering 7. If you need hgv module 4 questions and answers we recommend your visit our module 4 hgv driver cpc page. Got my cpc module 4 tomorrow, got training in the morning then test in the afternoon. It has been developed as a requirement of the eu directive 200359, which is designed.

Case study theory test module 2 practical demonstration test module 4 failure to hold or carry the card when at work will result in a fine. You need to obtain 38 marks out of a possible 50 to pass this element. The driver cpc module 4 is an interactive test where the driver is expected to demonstrate and explain a number of operations that are required by a lorry driver other than the driving itself. For this module, the driver is tested on being able to.

Module 2 is the case study or theory test part of the driver cpc initial qualification. Lgvhgv packages throughout cannock british hgv training. Module 4 show me and tell me exam during the test you will be required to demonstrate your knowledge and ability in the areas listed below. The driver cpc was established to set and maintain high standards of road safety, health and safety and driving among professional drivers those who drive for a living of buses and trucks and to ensure that all professional drivers have good driving and safety standards and that those standards are maintained throughout the professional drivers career. Minibus or coach module 4 driver cpc questions and answers. Wallace school of transport driver cpc module 4 this video shows how cpc questions should be answered uk. This training and testing will be carried out at our dvsa approved test centre. The guidance driving examiners follow when they carry out driving tests in great britain. This is the second final stage of the initial driver cpc. Driver cpc certificate of professional competence is taken in two parts. Driver cpc training qualifications for pcv psv and lgv. There are 8 combinations of question papers that cover 5 subject areas in total there are 20 questions so some papers will have the same questions on.

Module 4 requires competence of skills and knowledge in the following areas. The driver cpc module 4 practical safety demonstration test is conducted in accordance with the provisions of eu directive 200359ec, the vehicle drivers certificates of professional competence regulations 2007 and the motor vehicles driving licences regulations. You must have a driver certificate of professional competence driver cpc before you can drive a large or mediumsized goods vehicle for a living. Cpc driver and transport manager courses in offaly, kerry, kilkenny, tipperary, roscommon, clare, laois, waterford and all other counties. We have designed more than 9 modules for the driver cpc periodic training. Module 2 case study test and module 4 for lgv 2019 2019.

We will train you at our head office which takes approximately half a day followed by the module 4 practical demonstration test. The initial driver cpc case studies test part 2 must be passed before taking the practical demonstration test and covers seven reallife scenarios which require some revision and practise if you hope to pass. Initial driver certificate of professional competence. Module 4 focuses on vehicle safety and has been developed with the support and advice of the industry. Module 2 cpc case study theory test this module can be revised from our online revision which can be accessed once you book your module 2. This guide reflects the implementation of directive 200359ec. Industry guide to driver cpc safe driving for life. Lgs transport training module 4 driver cpc training in. Initial cpc module 2 and 4 driver training 2 start.

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